GCSE Exam Details:

We offer tailored support for learners accessing the following forms of GCSE examinations: GCSE | IGCSE | International GCSE.

If you’re looking to complete GCSE assessment exam, whether for the first time, or as a resit to improve your grade, you’re in the right place. Exam Centre London is a leading Private GCSE Exam Centre in London. Specialising in GCSE Maths, IGCSE Maths and International GCSE Maths for private candidates of all ages, we also offer a diverse range of other GCSE subject options.

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We offer a vast range of GCSE, IGCSE and International GCSE subjects. If you can’t see the GCSE option you want to gain a qualification in from the list below, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Citizenship
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Science (Dual Award)
  • Statistics


Exam Centre London offers tailored packages to meet your needs with GCSE examinations. We provide:

  • Advice on whether IGCSE, International GCSE or GCSE options are the best fit for your needs.
  • Tailored expert tuition: choose from complete courses or short series of revision tuition.
  • Examination preparation
  • Mock Assessments and Feedback
  • Competitive prices
  • Pre-examination visits to help calm examination anxieties
  • Simple, fuss-free processes to take the stress out of GCSE examinations.

We’ve helped thousands of candidates gain GCSEs that reflect their ability. Our GCSE candidates come to Exam Centre London from a diverse range of routes:

1. Home and Private Learners

2. Re-sitting Learners

3. Local Authority Learners

4. Adult Learners

5. Distance Learners

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There are two Awarding Bodies that offering either the IGCSE or International GCSE qualifications.

Pearson Edexcel use the term International GCSE for their qualification options.

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) term their qualification options IGCSE. Both IGCSE and International GCSE qualifications offer accessible qualifications for a range of learners. The IGCSE and International GCSE Science based qualifications do not include practical assessment element. This makes IGCSE and International GCSE a sensible choice for learners without access to a laboratory.

Exam Centre London offers a wide range of IGCSE/International GCSE subjects including Maths, English, Science, History and Modern Languages. Please get in touch for more details.

Exam Bodies

We work in partnership with a range of Awarding Bodies (often referred to as Exam Bodies). We offer GCSE type qualifications with the following Awarding Bodies:

Pearson Edexcel, AQA, OCR, WJEC, CAIE

November Re-Sit

We offer GCSE Re-Sit Examinations in November. This is a popular option for School and College Leavers who wish to improve their grade(s). Please contact us on 0208 616 25 26 for more information.

GCSE Practical Assessments

Exam Centre London works in conjunction with Merit Tutors to offer GCSE practical exams for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Sessions are held in fully equipped science labs in within the borough of Newham and supervised by highly qualified and competent science tutors. Practice sessions prior to the examination will equip candidates to accurately, confidently and safely manage equipment and conduct experiments.

Sessions are held in local state schools during the spring half term to ensure that candidates can maximise the use of labs without being disturbed. Detailed risk assessments are completed to ensure labs and equipment are safe to use.

Practice practical sessions are led by one member of staff and up to ten candidates giving learners opportunity to familiarise themselves with the lab and equipment. Tutors will demonstrate core practical skills with chance for learners to ask questions before conducting their own individual practical experiments individually. Tutors provide tailored feedback across the sessions on how to improve and maximise grades.

The two-day practical course culminates with a final session in which candidates demonstrate their learning under assessed conditions. Details of fees for our GCSE Practical Assessments course can be accessed here.

GCSE Exam Booking

We work with a Distance Learning providers to offer assessments that fit their requirements. If you are studying a Distance Learning Course and interested in sitting your assessment in one of our centres, contact us to see how we can help.