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In the modern workplace, you need more than technical skills to be successful in your career. Today’s employers seek candidates who can perform their jobs well but who can also fit into the company culture and interact with other employees. In order to do these things successfully, students need to develop soft skills. Soft skills are attributes that enable you to engage in meaningful interactions with others. Since most jobs require teamwork, it’s important to possess soft skills to enhance your employability and achieve your dream job. They will help you increase your productivity in your career, build professional relationships and thrive at your job.

Soft skills refer to the abilities required to interact amicably with others in an office setup. They are personal attributes that affect your interaction and relationships with others. A few examples include:

⦁ Communication (listening, speaking and writing) 

⦁ Writing clear and concise emails

⦁ Pitching an idea to the clients

⦁ Creating a compelling presentation

⦁ Socialising with co-workers and clients

⦁ Collaborating with team members

⦁ Problem-solving

 ⦁ Digital proficiency 

⦁ Creativity 

⦁ Marketing 

⦁ Project Management, etc 

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