Studying the National Curriculum independently can be quite difficult and strenuous. GCSE and A Level content is not only challenging to grasp, it can also be very difficult to master.This is where Exam Centre London, in collaboration with Merit Tutors, can come in handy! Our experienced and qualified tutors offer a learner centred approach based around each student's unique learning needs.Merit Tutors acknowledges that every student learns differently, thus Merit Tutors places great importance in conducting sessions that are beneficial for the students first and foremost.Our fundamental aim is to provide the support required, helping each student reach their full potential. We strongly believe that each student has the potential to achieve the best possible grades with the correct guidance and assistance. That’s why we’re here!

Our tutors take the time to create a supportive yet motivating environment where the student can clarify their concerns yet receive the encouragement to attain the best possible outcomes. We acknowledge that candidates may have other commitments hence for this reason, our sessions are completely flexible, based around our student’s convenience. Whilst we always give preference to in person sessions, Merit Tutors has been a leading provider of online sessions in the market. As well as the stem subject, Merit Tutors is proud to share that we provide tutoring for all subjects including the less common subjects. Whether you need help with the written paper, coursework or practicals, Merit Tutors will direct you to the best and most competent tutors with years of valuable experience.

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- Regular homework to practise the course thoroughly

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